Women on walls festival_Cairo, Egypt

Unlock your passion

Title: Unlock your passion
Location: Cairo, Egypt 
Date: 5/5/2013
Event: WOW – Women on Walls Festival 2015 
Dimensions: 9X5 m

This mural was part of  WOW – Women on Walls Festival 2015 – which is an initiative with the aim of empowering women thru street art.

The Story: When i was invited to be part of women on walls, i was really excited about it, first because it was my first big wall to paint, second because it was in a public space in the heart of Cairo, and third because the theme was about empowering women and to highlight their struggle through Street Art.

it was very inspiring and amazing to work with a big group of creative artists, of course most of them were women, which was awesome for me, because i didn’t know many street artists at that point and because you can’t see many Arab women doing street, and in that event they were many, it made me feel like i’m in the right place with the right people, it was very motivating!

I chose to paint the human heart that represents life, passion and being alive for me, and i made it look like an open lock! to say that we should not stay in our box or in our comfort zone! even if it was very challenging and hard to get out of it sometimes, not only because of our mind set but also because of the community we live in!